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Gwen Hinkle, Author

Full Website Design

Gwen has been a friend of our family for several years, so when she came to us for a website to build a following as an author, we were delighted! Gwen had a specific vision for the look and feel of the website, and through our collaborative efforts, we brought that to life. Additionally, she is able to post her own blog articles on a regular basis to increase her online presence, credibility as an author, and search rankings.

I always enjoy working with Lewis Media Group! They are so patient, and they take the time to educate me on how to use and maintain my website. When I wanted a website, I went to LMG because of their expertise, knowledge, and heart. I definitely recommend their team for any marketing or website needs!

Gwen Hinkle


Gwen Hinkle, Author homepage after webdesign work was finished


Gwen Hinkle, Author about page after webdesign work was finished