Initial Questionnaire

Contact Information

Company Street Address
How did you hear about us?
Main Problem(s)*
What are your biggest headaches with your current situation?
Please describe the problem(s) you are facing in more detail. How did they come about? How are the affecting your business or wellbeing? etc.


Who is your product for? (Does your audience have a common age, gender, or community that they identify with?)
What is the main problem your customers have that you solve?
How does your customer feel after you've solved their problem?
How does somebody usually buy your product?
Is there any unforeseen value that is added to your customer's life when they bought your product/service?
What service(s) or product(s) does your organization provide?
Where do most of your customers live and spend time?
Tell me about a customer you never want to work with again
What do you offer your customers and what are the benefits?
What are the core messages you want your audience to hear?
How does somebody usually buy your product/service?


Who do you consider your main competitors?
Who do you consider your main competitors?
What sets your company apart from others?
Do you have an existing tagline? After answering the audience section, do you feel that it communicates what you want your customers to know about you?
If you had to describe your company in 3-5 words, what would they be?
What do you hope your company can be known for?
What are your main goals in the next 3-5 years?

Project Details

Sites for Reference
Are there any sites you've seen online that you like?
Website URL
Are there any functions (calendar, registration, etc) that you want on your website?
What are the primary and secondary purposes for your website?
What do competitor websites have that you want to have?
How many pages do you expect to be on your website? (Home page, services...)
Do you need your website to show up on Google ahead of other companies?
Company Funds
Are funds increasing? Decreasing?
Who will be maintaining your site after it goes live?
What is your site worth to you? (Estimated dollar amount - doesn't have to be specific)
What is your budget for this project?
What is your timeline for this project?
Do you have a current log and style guide? If so, please send it to us.
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