Who We Are

Our Story

After 17 years as an electrical engineer and 2 1/2 as a pastor, Jason Lewis founded Lewis Media Group in 2008 out of a passion for problem-solving and helping others grow their businesses. He especially loves having his family working together.

Our heart lies in helping our clients. Lewis Media Group is a company known for customer service and delivering high-quality assets. Incorporating results-driven features into each website, video, or digital strategy allows us to best serve you.

Founders of Lewis Media Group

Our Core Values




Thoughtful Communication

Results Driven

Continuous Learning

Our Why

We exist to collaborate with and support individuals and organizations so they can focus on their strengths, serve their community, and thrive.

Why you will love Lewis Media Group

We are here for YOU

Whether your organization simply needs a website to share information or is looking for a full online-marketing strategy, we are here to partner with you.

Creative decisions are made with collaboration in mind. We work with you to determine the most functional, user-friendly, visually appealing solution for your marketing needs.


Our websites are designed to help your organization succeed through look & feel, function, user experience, and messaging.


We pride ourselves in not only creating beautiful websites but promoting them through search engines, social media, and more.


Our team has been developing websites for over 10 years, but our technical experience goes back decades.


Our customers recognize the benefit of well-rounded support. You are our top priority.


With internal talent and collaborative partners, we are your one-stop for branding and promotion.


Why ask for someone to do your online marketing when they won’t listen to your ideas? We not only value your input, we incorporate it.

Our Family

Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis

Founder, CEO

Jason has always had a passion for solving problems. When he was young, he would take electronics apart just to learn more about them and would reassemble them with precision. He continues to act out of a love for helping others as the head of all things technical here at Lewis Media Group.

You may see him on a walk or playing pickleball in his spare time.

Jocelyn Lewis

Jocelyn Lewis


Jocelyn serves the family business through her skills in administration, project management, and bookkeeping. She also works in the production aspect of the company doing SEO and Social Media Marketing as she is a fast learner with a keen eye.

On her days off, she reads and spends quality time with family and friends.


Jennifer Zieg

Web Design Manager

Creating and collaborating go hand-in-hand for Jennifer as she works with clients to bring their vision to life. With over a decade of web design experience and a degree from PLU in Marketing & HR Management, she is a wealth of knowledge ready to answer your questions.

Outside the office, you’ll likely find her running alongside her husband outside or whipping up a batch of cookies while singing a made-up tune.

Jeremy Turner

Jeremy Turner

J Turner Solutions

With a passion for helping small and medium sized businesses succeed, Jeremy offers a suite of services that will help you manage your brand and reach your buyers. Running your business is tough, managing your brand can be even harder. So why do it alone?


Greg Specht

Gregory Dean Photography

Greg has over 30 years of experience and has worked with some of the best-of-the-best in his industry. He currently specializes in architectural, food, and product photography.


John Strauch

Mid-Valley Media

Most known for being able to jump into any video project with instrumental knowledge and decades of experience, John Strauch runs Mid-Valley Media, Inc., an Oregon-based multimedia marketing company with ties all over the world.

Alissa – Lewis Media Group

Alissa Canto

Senior Web Designer

Passionate about meeting each client’s needs, Alissa focuses on making a site work well while still looking top notch. She has an eye for design and a heart for others. When she isn’t helping you see results from your online marketing, you can find her spending quality time with her family.

Mia Delgado smiling with glasses and a green streak in her hair

Maria Delgado

Support Specialist

With prior experience at InMotion Hosting, Mia brings a wealth of knowledge in troubleshooting and resolving customer issues. Outside of work, Mia is a loving mother to her one-year-old son, Mackenzie. In her free time, she indulges in her passion for drawing, showcasing her creative side. Mia also cherishes her family and frequently visits them in Virginia, taking every opportunity to strengthen her bond with loved ones.

Ellie - Lewis Media Group

Ellie Nortness

Support Technician

Ellie holds a certificate in web development from Chemeketa Community College. She is fluent in HTML and CSS, as well as having base knowledge of scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP. As customer support tech here at LMG, she approaches any problem that arises with determination to find the cause, and places priority upon communicating as effectively as possible with clients. When not tackling coding errors, you can find her playing with her cat and modding video games on her laptop.

Kyle Rose

Kyle Rose

SEO Specialist

Kyle is our SEO Ninja, from Site Audits and Evaluations to Local SEO and more, he has us covered. He is always on the move; from Oklahoma where he was born (Go Sooners!), and Colorado where he graduated from UC Boulder, to Oregon then out to Atlanta.

Kyle’s affinity for baking and sports is topped only by the love for his dog Rockee.

Abby Cillo

Abby Cillo

SEO Specialist

Meet Abby, an enthusiastic and experienced teacher turned SEO Specialist. With a 16-year teaching career, she’s now dedicated to empowering small businesses. Abby’s passion for data analysis and creative problem-solving led her to the world of SEO.

When not working on audits or strategies, she loves adventuring with her faithful pup, attending concerts, and cherishing moments with loved ones. Join Abby on her uplifting adventures and discover joy in her work and play!

Russell McIntire headshot

Russell McIntire

Web Editor

Always ready to learn, Russell blends quality web design with critical attention to detail, updating websites, blogs, and redesigns with a passion for pushing the script. He is always checking to ensure our clients get everything they need.

Russell’s desire to learn has taken him around the world, but Nebraska is where he calls home.

Anna Counts

Anna Counts

Sales Representative

Meet Anna, the dynamic sales representative spearheading our team. With an insatiable hunger for success and a background as a college basketball player, Anna fearlessly navigates the sales landscape, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence. A young and determined trailblazer, Anna is rewriting the rules and setting sights on uncharted horizons in the sales realm. Join Anna in this exciting journey of growth and achievement.




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