Fluent Engineering and business office in Salem

Fluent Engineering

Full Website Re-Design

Fluent Engineering’s previous website was designed in HTML and Flash which meant it was headed for extinction along with Adobe Flash Player. Our team was able to not only revive the website but create a new, eye-catching, functional marketing asset that will carry them into the next decade.

From start to finish, this project was an incredible joy. Why? Because we were able to collaborate on every aspect of it with the Fluent Engineering team. They are detail-oriented, kind, and responsive. We are so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to seeing the lasting results.

After our first meeting, it was clear Lewis Media Group knew what they were doing, had great experience, and would respond to our specific needs and requirements. We were very impressed with their oversight of our project, including timeline, organization, and summary emails to keep us up to date.

Thank you for your wonderful professionalism, service options, and good work. I have nothing but positive things to say about LMG—thank you for exceeding my expectations, both in the delivered product and in the process. I was impressed with your management of our project. We are very happy and recommend Lewis Media Group.

Matthew Cash, P.E., P.Eng

President, Fluent Engineering

Lewis Media Group took time to fully understand our specific requirements and goals for this project. They are organized, responsive, and professional. I appreciated their flexibility and accommodation throughout the web design process. We are confident in our new website and we look forward to adding to our website and possibly collaborating with LMG on future projects!
Jeremy Wenger, M.B.A., E.I.T.

Mechanical/Plumbing Lead, Fluent Engineering


Fluent Engineering Homepage Screenshot before redesign work


after screenshot of fluent engineering's home page website redesign


Fluent Engineering Services page Screenshot before redesign work


Fluent Engineering Services page screenshot after redesign work