CEO of Nvidia, one of the top 5 largest companies in the world today, said he wouldn’t start a company if he had it to do over again.

Entrepreneurship isn’t something sane people do.

It’s something you trick yourself into doing, believing it won’t be as hard as people say it will be. (At least that’s what Jensen Huang says), and we agree. We all, as business owners and leaders, have a superpower—each other.

Jensen Huang might argue our superpower is the ability to trick ourselves into biting off more than we can chew, but we believe it’s really the power to say, “I can’t do this alone,” and reach out for help that makes entrepreneurs so special.

So, rather than giving you more marketing tips you may or may not use, let’s rally around each other in these ways:

Support Local Businesses with Referrals

  • Leave a Google review
  • Share how they helped you in your social media story & tag them
  • Recommend them on WhirLocal
  • Introduce someone who is looking for their product/service to that business

Be Vulnerable

A lot of us just need to hear that someone else doesn’t have it all together.

  • Grab coffee with a fellow entrepreneur, and share a challenge you’re facing. Offer to listen to any issues they are dealing with, too.
  • The next time someone asks you, “How’s business?” don’t just say, “Good” or “Busy” or “You know how it is.” Really answer them.

Give Back to the Next Generation

Think about up and coming business owners and leaders. They have a lot of tools and resources we didn’t, but they also need our wisdom and insight. Let’s share our mistakes and lessons with them so they can have a head start.

  • Reach out to a local university, and ask if there’s a way you can speak to business students on a topic of choice.
  • Connect with your local small business development center to offer your insight to new entrepreneurs.
  • Make a point to encourage the young people in your life, and don’t shy away from answering hard questions.

Today’s Challenge:

Post on social media about this topic to encourage other business owners and leaders. Tag us (IG @lewismediagroup or FB @lewismediagroupsalem) or use the #waystosupportlocal so we can follow along!