Let’s say you just had Lewis Media Group create your website “mywebsite.com” and an email account such as “yourname@mywebsite.com.” Now you are able to correspond with customers in a more professional way. But, how do you set up your new email account? Here is the inside scoop into email setup so you can send and receive on your phone or computer through tools such as Outlook, Thunderbird, and Gmail!

If you just want to go online and check your email, follow steps 1-3 below. If you want to set up your email account on Outlook, your mobile device, or another mail client, please read through all of the steps. We have some handy links at the bottom to more detailed instructions. Thanks!

Logging in Online

1. Go to your website. Then, in the address bar, add /webmail to your url.

go to webmail - email setup

2. You’ll arrive at a page that asks you to login. Simply put in your email address as your username and enter the password we helped you set up.

webmail login - email setup

3. Then, you’ll see three options for viewing your email online. One of the easiest to use is roundcube, so select that option (no need to set it as default).

choose webmail application - email setup

4. Go to the top right of the screen, and click the down arrow by your email address. Then, select “Configure Mail Client.”

webmail menu - email setup

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and look for the “Mail Client Manual Settings.” These will help you set up your email on Outlook, Thunderbird, or Gmail.

manual mail client settings - email setup


Outlook Email Setup

Fill in the information based on the settings you just found under “Configure Mail Client.”

setting up email in Outlook

Outlook How-To image from Microsoft

Adding Your Email to a Gmail Account

1. Log into your Gmail account, click on the gear, then choose “Settings.”

go to webmail - email setup

2. Choose “Accounts” then click “Add a mail account”

webmail login - email setup

3. Another window will pop up. Add your new email address, click next, then follow the mail client instructions as noted in your Webmail account. Make sure the username is the full email address. Once everything is filled out, click “Add Account.” It may take a while for this to go into effect.

webmail login - email setup

See Google’s Instructions


Setting Up Thunderbird or Mobile Phone

Make sure no matter what mail client you’re using, you choose “manual setup.” This ensures the right type of account (POP3 vs IMAP), the correct port (such as 993 or 995), and matching information with the settings online (as found in your webmail).


Mobile – iPhone

Mobile – Android

Mobile – Samsung Galaxy

Need Help? Call your favorite IT professional!

Or, stay tuned for future blog posts on all you need to know about email.

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At Lewis Media Group, we pride ourselves in helping you solve technical problems. Feel free to call us if you have questions about your website or email account. We’d love to help!