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Anyway, let’s skip to the good stuff. This week’s call was chalk full of good stuff. From content planning systems to audio tips for short-form videos, we covered a lot of ground. Here are a few things we mentioned:

Content Planning

Paper Planners

While some of us *cough cough Katie and I* like to use pen and paper to write out our to-do lists in great detail each day, paper isn’t for everyone. We discussed ways to use both paper and digital tools like spreadsheets to get the most out of brainstorming and staying on top of your content calendar.
↪️Check out the content planner I found

eclincher vs Hootsuite vs CoSchedule

Recent glitches got us thinking eclincher might not be the way to go until Katie heard from others who use the Facebook and Instagram native posting suites that those experienced glitches at the same time. We are grateful it wasn’t just us, but there’s always value in researching which tool is best for you.
↪️Read our article about eclincher

Expanding Your Audience

Jeremy Turner had some great points about leveraging your audience. If your followers are primarily existing customers, figure out when people in their lives might need your product or services and intentionally set up a themed set of posts leading up to that time of the year.

Social Media + Videos


The algorithm of TikTok is really helpful because of the metrics you get as a creator. For example, if people are leaving your video all at the same time, you’ll be able to tell that from the insights. Katie Schrock has learned that her viewers really love it when random non-verbal audio snippets are incorporated throughout.
↪️Here’s an example: View TikTok Post


To no one’s surprise, Instagram and TikTok are at odds. So, if you use a video template from TikTok and then share that same content on Instagram, chances are it won’t do as well.

Another random tidbit is that Instagram now keeps you from adding your own “watermark” (even your own logo!) on top of your video. We think this is because exporting TikTok videos shows the TikTok username watermark, so it’s another way they can prevent you from reusing your other content from a competing platform. To get around this, simply make your logo into a sticker and add it on after you upload your footage.

Wrapping Up!

We talked about quite a few topics today, so I’m not going to outline them all. I guess you’ll just have to join our next coaching call! 😉

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