Taking a high quality video of yourself is not as difficult as one may think. Whether you’re using Zoom, Loom, or a smart phone, you can achieve amazing results with a few preparations and adjustments.

Steps to your next high quality video

1. Position yourself for the best lighting

Proper lighting can enhance the quality of your video. If you’re indoors, avoid harsh lighting and make sure the source of light is not directly behind you. If you’re filming outdoors, try to find a space with even lighting and less shadows.

2. Frame it up

Always make sure to check the angle of the camera and what is included in the background. Keep the camera steady with a tripod if you have one and utilize the rule of thirds. Leaving space for captions is also essential too.

3. Get the settings right

It is essential to adjust the camera accordingly to the environment, this includes white balancing the camera, depending on the lighting, as well as adjusting the focus of the frame. Not sure where to start? Victor Naumik gives a super quick example of white balancing on an iPhone without any apps in this video.

4. Be mindful of audio

The audio of a video is just as important as its visual. Don’t forget to record a few tests sounds to adjust the microphone and be aware of background noises. Every environment varies in sound, therefore it is best to adjust the audio levels as well.

5. Get Comfortable

Before you take your video, take some time to relax and practice a few words out loud in order to be more comfortable when filming. Taking your time and speaking naturally can make all the difference in a video and make it seem more authentic. Finally, when you’re speaking to the camera, take your time and pretend that it is your friend and you’re telling a story.

With these tips and practice, you’ll be taking high quality videos of yourself in no time! Want a few more tips on executing a successful video shoot for your brand? Read 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Marketing Video Production