Strategy is the first step in building a successful social media presence. Having a plan or “campaign” for various seasons of the year, based on your industry, will save you time, frustration, and money. This will also increase your impact, engage your audience, and draw in new followers and potential customers.

Start by creating quarterly themes that break down into a monthly focus and weekly topical posts. When planning at the weekly level, include additional details to help craft the post. That way, when you sit down to schedule these, it’s all lined out, and the planning is done. To make it even easier on yourself, throw in an extra idea or two. This gives you flexibility when looking for photos.

Here is an example of what this might look like. We’ll use a chiropractic office as our template:

Quarterly Theme – Posture

Month 1: Benefits of good posture

Weekly Topic Options:

  1. General health – lung capacity, circulation, & digestive
  2. Proper alignment muscles/joints/connective tissue – stronger & less wear and tear on joints
  3. Mental Health/Increased Energy
  4. Less Tension and Pain – headaches, muscle aches, joint pain/issues
  5. Confidence & Social Impact

Month 2: Posture at Work

Weekly Topic Options:

  1. Ergonomics Overview
    • Include either a stock infographic or link to a blog article you’ve written and posted on your site
  2. Sitting – Best setup for a desk job
    • Include a picture (no links)
  3. Standing – Best setup for a desk job, sitting vs standing desks
    • Include a picture (no links)
  4. Desk configuration including monitor height
    • Include either a stock infographic or picture of correct monitor/desk
  5. Stretches in your chair

Month 3: Posture at Home

Weekly Topic Options:

  1. Cleaning/chores – you could also break this down into it’s own week and do one type of chore each week or just an overview.
  2. Sitting/Watching TV
  3. Gardening/yard Work
  4. Lifting / Picking up Children and items – heavy or light, improper lifting mechanics, even light items can cause injury if the right (or more accurately, wrong) conditions exist
  5. Sleeping Positions that promote Good Posture

When you sit down to schedule your quarterly posts, we recommend having your blog article(s) written and pictures and links gathered.  The following free sites are our go-to’s, but there are others (as well as paid stock photo subscriptions such as Adobe Stock Photo and iStock).

As you list out your quarterly, monthly, and weekly details, you will likely see ways to improve the campaign. While typing this out, “Benefits of good posture” was under Month 3. We decided to start with it as a foundation and get more detailed as the campaign continued. All it took was a quick cut and paste and voila!—campaign improved.

Planning is the key to efficiency, and a well thought out campaign is a gift to your followers.