How can SEO prepare small businesses to grow next season? As we’ve observed, the most successful CEO’s are always thinking ahead. More than next quarter, they’re considering what strategies to implement six months down the road or even a year from now. While that is daunting for those of us with small businesses, we can’t ignore the future and bury our heads in the sand.

So, what can we do now to help our businesses out for later?

Before we look ahead, let’s look back.

The Results

Tami’s new website + SEO setup launched in December of 2022, and now she’s ranking #1 for “life coaches in salem.” A lead booked a consultation last week after finding her on the first page of Google!

Thrasher Plumbing’s new website + SEO setup launched in April of this year, and now he’s ranking #1 for “new construction plumbers in salem.”

Ecorrcrate has been meeting with us weekly for nine months to work on all aspects of their marketing (messaging, blogs, SEO, ads, landing pages, etc), and now they’ve seen an increase in rankings, traffic to their site, clicks to get in touch, and inquiries from quality leads.

While it could be nice to just toot our own horn or pat ourselves on the back, all of these clients have something in common: They chose to invest time, energy, money, or all three into a strategy that works.

The Investment

Tami didn’t have time to write blog articles, but she did see value in the work and chose to invest in copywriting through LMG. Our copywriter has completed three articles that are now helping her rank increase for targeted keyword phrases.

Jeromy, owner of Thrasher Plumbing, spent time in front of his computer writing content for each page of his new site. Between the text he provided and the on-page and technical setup our team did on the new site, he is now reaping the benefits of his investment.

Dan from Ecorrcrate is so busy running the company, he made it a priority to schedule weekly calls between his right-hand and our team for accountability and forward momentum. Now, they’re seeing an increase in sales because of our collaborative efforts.

Each of these business owners has their hands full in different ways, but they are choosing to make marketing a priority. And, it’s paying off!

The Application

You may be thinking, “This is all well and good, but how does it apply to me?”

Great question! We are offering you a FREE competitive report to help figure out where you are at now, how your competition stacks up, and what gaps you can fill in SEO-wise.

From there, if you want to hop on a call with our team to talk about options, we’re happy to do so! But most of all, we just want you to walk away with something tangible so six-months-from-now-you will be confident your website is working for you rather than just gathering dust.

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