Starting a marketing campaign online can be daunting. Even when you have a strategy lined up, there are more details to adjust. Social Media content is a powerful piece of the puzzle, so we want to share a bit of our expertise. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the ways you can engage your audience through content creation.

What types of social media content are best for your target market?

1. Videos are extremely popular in today’s social world.

Quick snippets that result in laughter is almost fool-proof ways to boost engagement, but always defer to your target market and brand message. For example, if you own a pet shelter, a video of kittens snuggling or rescue dogs recuperating from extensive surgeries could be surefire ways to reach potential pet-owners. Maybe you manufacture energy drinks. A highlight reel of some extreme sports athletes with them commenting on how they love the product could bring more engagement from your target market.

infographic - social media content

2. Another trend is toward images.

Telling a story doesn’t have to be through words. If you need to communicate a large amount of information, consider infographics. These can be a fun way for users to absorb your message without overloading their attention span. Keep in mind that if you are boosting your post or creating an ad, Facebook has limits regarding the amount of text allowed on an image. Infographics are still good for non-boosted posts, but this is something to look into when deciding on a piece of social media content.

3. Text is almost always necessary regardless of the type of post.

Even the funniest meme on Twitter often benefits from a caption. The rule of thumb, however, is to keep posts short and sweet. Experts say 40 characters is optimal on Facebook, and 70-100 characters on Twitter. Exceptions may include sharing a longer-winded story in the description of an Instagram post. This could provide relatability to your brand instead of deterrence. If you are unsure, though, assume it’s necessary to shorten rather than lengthen.

4. Links are great to drive traffic back to your website, but…

Social media users are bombarded with hundreds of these per day. Once again, only use links every 4-5 posts to eliminate negative impacts on your page’s placement due to platform algorithms. So, take a step back before sharing too many blog posts or new products.

5. Variety

Last but not least, when posting any type of content, make sure to keep some variety by alternating usage. For example, you may post a video on Monday and a quick pick-me-up sentence on Wednesday to encourage everyone that the end of the workweek is near. Keep your message consistent with your brand and captivating to your target market. Simply maintain focus on your goals and audience.