Everyone seems to be online these days. Businesses and individuals alike are involved in the social media craze. What does that mean for you? We have three specific aspects of social media marketing that can help you take your business to the next level.

Social Media Marketing:

How using the top platforms can boost your business effectively


1. Link – Create posts that link back to your website and products

One of the first ways companies benefit through social media marketing is links. If your website traffic is lower than desired or you need a boost in brand awareness, this is the way to start. Link to a product that’s on sale in your shop or to a piece of fresh content like a new blog post. Customers who forgot they ran out of your salsa or let their carpets get too many stains before calling your cleaning service will be reminded that you exist. Seeing a short post with a link may bring those loyal customers back and, hopefully, help gather a few new customers! Keep in mind that the guideline for using links is once every 4 or 5 posts. Other posts should not contain links to allow for a greater diversity in content which reflects well with the platform algorithms.


2. Teach – Show your target market that you’re an expert

Teaching your customers about your product, its functions, the industry, and social causes you support can be an effective way of bumping sales without saying, “Buy now!” Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and social impacts of products and practices. Sharing your expertise is another way to get your brand in front of eyes without turning them away from yet another annoying ad. Blog articles and step-by-step photos or videos are great tools to showcase your authority on various subjects.


3. Engage – Create content that consumers want to read / watch

Think back to the last time you were scrolling through your news feed. An ad appears in the form of a post, and you’re forced to glance at yet another scrumptious snack or eco-friendly household cleaner. Did you buy it?

Facebook Ad - Social Media Marketing

Now, let’s switch gears. You are scrolling again, but this time you notice a post by one of your favorite companies on social media—Netflix. They have another witty remark, and you’re sitting there thinking, “Oh my goodness, they get it!”

Facebook Post by Netflix - Social Media Marketing

These are the posts that grab attention and keep it long enough to result in engagement which is the pinnacle of Social Media Marketing. Likes, favorites, shares, and comments give you priority in the algorithms of Facebook and other platforms. When deciding what to post, aim for those types of engagement by getting in the mind of the consumer and realizing what they want to see.



While there is a time and place for advertising via social media, customers would rather see relatable posts. Appealing to your target market’s sense of humor, curiosity, or emotional attachment to puppies could be the key to winning their admiration and trust. Then, your customers may be willing to purchase the next time you post about your product.

Stay tuned in to our blog to read more about how to implement these in a cohesive social media marketing strategy!