Some businesses come to us for a website when all they really need is a landing page and business listing. WhirLocal covers both of those bases while connecting you to hundreds of other local businesses, increasing your SEO, and making reviews seamless.

Why do we use WhirLocal?

We are excited to talk up this platform because it let’s us talk up local businesses. How? On WhirLocal, you can benefit from all of these helpful tools / resources.

Getting and Sharing Reviews

In one place, you can collect and display Google and Facebook reviews for your own business while also recommending others. WhirLocal allows people to write reviews directly on the platform, as well. Below is an example of a review for one of our collaboration partners, J Turner Solutions. Browse around your neighborhood to give kudos. Perhaps share about that great delivery service you had from your favorite restaurant. Or, maybe you need to find a local business. On WhirLocal, you can look for attorneys, plumbers, and Healthcare providers who really know their stuff.

Screenshot of a 5 star Google review for J Turner Solutions by Kelly L on

Creating Landing Pages

This is one of my favorite features. On the Grow plan, you get access to use the same WordPress-based drag and drop builder that we love to design a landing page for your business. Then, they can point it to a certain URL and have it masked. This means when someone goes to the URL you provide, they see that URL but the actual URL is from WhirLocal.

This tool provides an easy way to build the first part of your sales funnel when you don’t have the budget for an entire website. And, it is a great tool for companies that have a set website builder for their industry (like real estate agents or dental offices) because it allows you to create beautiful pages easily without messing with your existing site.

Here is an example of one of WhirLocal’s pre-built landing pages. We are also happy to talk about designing a landing page for your organization if you want a look unique to your brand without having to lift a finger.

Building Local Connections & SEO

Last, but not least, having a WhirLocal listing connects you to other organizations in your neighborhood. It gives you a way to recommend others and be recommended by happy customers. Additionally, simply by having an up-to-date listing that matches your Google My Business information, you will see your SEO results increase. Many WhirLocal listings are showing up on the first page of Google.

To wrap it up, we are happy to say, “WhirLocal and proud of it!”

If you are interested in talking more about this tool, landing page designs, or reputation management in general, give us a call at 503.602.9074! Check out what we have to say about Slack, another tool that increases our productivity tremendously!