Have you ever played phone tag trying to set up a meeting? Say goodbye to the nuisance of scheduling. With OnceHub Scheduling, simply send a link, and the other person chooses a day and time that work best for them from your calendar’s openings. It can even add video conferencing automatically!

~ ~ ~ Before ~ ~ ~
[Client] Can we book a meeting?
[Me] Yes, what days/times work for you next week?
[Client] I was thinking Thursday at 10am.
[Me] I have a conflict at that time. How does 11:30am that same day work?
[Client] Unfortunately, no. Maybe the following week?
etc. etc….You get the point.

~ ~ ~ After ~ ~ ~
[Client] Can we book a meeting?
[Me] Yes, click this link to choose a time and format that works for you!

Why do we use OnceHub Scheduling?

The main way OnceHub helps our team is in saving back and forth communication about scheduling. There are ways it integrates with our systems and allows preset scheduling pages that make our lives easier, too. Here are a few of those details for you in case you’re considering ScheduleOnce—

Event Types

We can set up different event types that have certain conditions ranging from length and location to purpose. That way, clients are able to select the timeframe they need based on the agenda for the meeting. For now, we have just kept the default 15, 30, and 60 minute event types. In the future, we may adjust them to be more customized such as “Initial Meeting,” “Proposal Review,” and “Working Meeting.”

OnceHub ScheduleOnce Booking Setup Event Types

Booking Pages

Besides the obvious time savings, we also have a lot of client meetings where more than one of our team members needs to be present. Sometimes an account manager and designer both need to be in on a meeting. Other times, a support specialist needs to make a call. With multiple people and variations, it is extremely valuable to us to have each of these combinations preset in our scheduling tool.

For example, when we are scheduling an initial meeting with a prospective client that came through a particular referral source, Jeremy and I need to be on that meeting. Whichever of us is corresponding with the prospect will send the Jennifer & Jeremy booking page link which automatically looks at both of our calendars for availability.

OnceHub ScheduleOnce Booking Setup Booking Pages


The system connects to your calendar through Outlook, iCloud, Google, or others, and displays the available times for meetings. It can also integrate with tools like Google Meets, Zoom, your CRM, Zapier, and even payment gateways if you charge for consultations.

We have connected multiple virtual conferencing tools and added a question to the scheduling form for our clients to select their preferred meeting type (i.e. Zoom or Conference Call).

OnceHub ScheduleOnce Integrations (Calendar, Video Conferencing, CRM, etc)

Try it out

Interested in seeing how it works or setting up a meeting about your website? Click here for my booking page.

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